Azure Application Proxy – Part 1

Part 1. Creating a simple application in Visual Studio

If you don’t already have Visual Studio you can download and install the community edition for free from here.

Start Visual Studio and create a simple web application:

When Visual Studio has started select  File -> New -> Project 


Then select a ASP.NET Web Application, ensure Application Insights is not selected, enter a name for your project (“intranet-app1” in my case) and click OK.


On the next screen select Web Forms unselect the Host in the Cloud button if it is selected and then click the Change Authentication button.


In the Change Authentication dialog – select the Windows Authentication option and click OK


Back on the select a template box click OK


Next on the main Visual Studio workspace select Default.aspx from the Solution Explorer window on the right hand side. Right click and select View Designer


In the main window for Default.aspx – click around ASP.NET and change the default text to something you will recognize.


Finally Build (or Rebuild) the solution


Now we’re ready to Publish this application which is covered in Part 2

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