Azure Application Proxy – Part 2

To perform these steps, you’re going to need a domain joined Windows Server with IIS installed.

There are a few different ways to deploy a web application, perhaps the simplest is to deploy it using a file share.

Create a root folder for your IIS web site (C:\www) and within this root folder create and share a sub-folder for the intranet-app1 application we have just built:


Map the share to ta network drive on the machine you’ve used for Visual Studio


In the main Visual Studio window – select the Intranet-app1, right click and select Publish …


In the Publish dialog box select the Custom option, enter a new custom profile name, click OK and then click Next


Now select File System as the publish method and set the target location to the file share network drive location we set up previously. Click Publish


If you now resize the Output window in Visual Studio you should see the web application deploying successfully.


In Part 3 we’ll configure the IIS server to support our authentication choice.


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